Will Leather Men’s Waxed Canvas Dome Backpack


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Will Leather Men’s Waxed Canvas Dome Backpack. Wax coated canvas dome backpack the history of wax coated canvas walks in the footsteps of industry itself. Paraffin coated cotton arrived in the early 20th century, this waterresistant, breathable fabric has since been tested by sailors, farmers, firemen, soldiers, motorists and factory workers. We’ve paired our wax coated canvas with natural, vegetable tanned leather a marriage of classics that will patina beautifully over the life of your bag or tech case. Our wax coated canvas collection reflects the evolution of america’s hustle and bustle a beautiful, functional reminder of our industrious past.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Will Leather Goods is an American leather brand which believes that intuition is everything, hard work is honestly good and the best parts of the past deserve special attention. The Adler Family House, designer and producer of Will Leather Goods, began as Billy Belts in 1981 in Venice Beach, California, when founder Bill Adler chased a wild intuition. An actor, Bill needed a means of providing for his family during the Screen Actors Guild strike of ’81. He set up a simple leather goods stand on the boardwalk at the beach. There, he worked hard for many years selling belts to Californians. Today the Adler Family House produces Will Leather Goods from Eugene, Oregon and sends it around the world with love.. Will Leather Men’s Waxed Canvas Dome Backpack


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