Topoint 2L Resevoir Hydration Bladder for Outdoor Sports


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Topoint 2L Resevoir Hydration Bladder for Outdoor Sports. Name: Outdoor sports Hydration System portable Capacity:2L Weight: 145g Material: high quality imported TPU Color: Army Green Usage: outdoor travel, camping picnic, riding hiking and other outdoor activities Dimensions Weight artificial measure, a slight error, mind carefully shot TPU Hydration System using double-sided heat the whole process (the whole process does not use glue and other harmful chemical materials, safe, non-toxic, water-resistant compression.) Just gently bite the nozzle can drink water. Outlet with a filter device, clean Precautions 1 Since the cover is in the thread ladder structure, in order to prevent leakage when used to tighten the cap 2 Do not install juice, milk and other beverages, as these drinks may be bonded portion outlet voltage affected, there may be serious leakage. 3 Do not hold water, the water temperature is below -20 , do not be higher than 50 Use: First wash and clean with detergent, then disinfect hot water again (where water should not exceed 50), then you can use it.. Topoint 2L Resevoir Hydration Bladder for Outdoor Sports


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