Ruffwear Blue Approach Dog Pack-XS-


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Ruffwear Blue Approach Dog Pack-XS-. Approach Dog Pack by Ruffwear. A great everyday pack with excellent performance fit and functionality. Designed to be worn with padded comfort secure fit generous ergonomic cut and full range of motion so you can be sure that your dog is comfortable. Good for one-hour hikes to three-day treks. Use to offset your load or for training and exercise. The Approach Pack gives your dog a load to carry and a job to do generating instant four-legged motivation. Features: – 5-point adjustable fit accomodates different shapes and sizes -Attached saddlebags with lightweight streamlined go-fast shape -Weight-forward saddlebag design for ideal load-carrying position -Trail-savvy details like waterproof zippers high-visibility reflective trim external gear loops and durable construction Sizing: XS: Girth 17-24in.; Capacity is 5 lb.. Ruffwear Blue Approach Dog Pack-XS-


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