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PiggyBackPack. Remember the times that you carried your baby in a backpack and all the fun that you had. Let that continue and take your bigger kid off to bigger challenges and see more of the world. Get away from the electronic world and teach the next generation to love nature and appreciate the real world. When you little one gets tired, it is a great feeling to come to your child’s rescue and keep moving towards where you want to go. When people see you carrying your big kid, you will likely hear the comments of Super Mom or Super Dad. Great design and built to last. Order today as packs are in stock now! Thick padded waistband to carry the load. Chest strap and shoulder straps to keep the pack firmly positioned. Removable backrest with seat belt is included. Very comfortable seat and stirrups for the rider’s comfort. Zipper pocket is good for phone/camera and water bottle pocket. Large under seat storage bag and system stuff sack. Compact enough when assembled to fit under the seat on a plane or under your legs on an amusement park ride. Easily disassembled to get as small as a large shoe box. Easily assembled. Shoulder straps can go straight down in front or cross; which ever is more comfortable. Strong buckles. Foam waist band is optimized for comfort. Wrench included for ease of installing or removing the backrest. Included chest strap expander for the barrel chested and additional strap handles to give the rider more options for holding on. Seat tilt is also adjustable.. PiggyBackPack


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