Jack-its Grill ‘Em All Removable Magnetic Tank Cover


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Jack-its Grill ‘Em All Removable Magnetic Tank Cover. Those burgers aren’t going to grill themselves. Somebody has to be the pit boss and that is you. You’ve got the industrial strength spatula, the proper apron. You’re barbecue area looks great and you can master any tailgate party, campsite. But wait. That propane tank doesn’t cut it. It’s boring, rusty, dirty and needs to be jacked-up a notch with the Grill ‘Em All Jack-it. Jack-its are reusable, printed, die-cut, decorative propane tank covers. Using our patented design, we have created a new way for sports fans, campers and Kings and Queens of the backyard barbecue to show their personal style and tastes. Jack-its are easy to apply to any standard 20 pound propane tank. Once the tank is empty, simply remove the magnet from the empty tank and reapply it to your new tank. These are not decals or a painted application. They leave no residue, and give the customer the ability to customize their propane tanks like never before… Jack-its Grill ‘Em All Removable Magnetic Tank Cover


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