Eco Cinches for Camping and Hiking. 4 Count. Made in America!


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Eco Cinches for Camping and Hiking. 4 Count. Made in America!. Eco Cinch: Whether camping, going to a yoga class, or even childproofing your home, everybody, quite simply, needs an Eco-Cinch. A deceptively simple Eco-Innovative product, it has literally a 1000 uses, and most importantly, it’s part of a product line that’s using recycled materials to change the way America perceives, buys and incorporates green products into their homes and daily lives. It all started when Spencer Brown, Founder and Chief Tree Hugger of Rent A Green Box was recycling trash at local landfills. He needed a simple and easy solution to gather and group hundreds of shovels, picks and rakes in a fast and efficient manner. Rather than using duct tape, twine or bungie cords, he envisioned a simple device that could affix to any object and easily slide on an gripe the handles super tight. He needed a solution that would also be easy to organize and store when not in use and be built to last in an industrial environment.When he started using his Eco Cinch, landfill operators and recyclers bought them, but not for grouping hand tools and equipment. They would say it’s perfect for camping. Even better for my wife’s yoga matt. Even his friends wanted them to use as a dry line for wetsuits, while others utilize the Eco Cinch as a ice cooler chest closing strap.Parents have discovered it’s a handy door blocker, while other folks use it to tie up bike gear and fishing equipment. Professional golfers report it even stops their clubs from rattling when driving between holes.The Eco Cinch has become popular in over 70 different industries and proves that consumers will buy and support an affordable, quality, American made recycled and green product. So Save the planet, and secure your stuff, with the Eco Cinch. You’ll reduce waste and garbage, while enjoying a handy new tool at the same time. Eco Cinches for Camping and Hiking. 4 Count. Made in America!


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