Cooling Pucks for Beverage Can with Koozie


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Cooling Pucks for Beverage Can with Koozie. These Trail Turtle EVA ice pucks fit standard cans perfectly to keep your cans cooler, longer in tube coolers. The five ice pucks are designed to equal one can in length. They nest together for easy freezer storage. Simply place them into the freezer overnight and place them between your cans in your tube cooler or place one into the included koozie each time you get a beer from the fridge. The cooling puck keeps the last of your drink from getting warm while the koozie keeps the drink from sinking heat from your hand. It’s the perfect combination to keep your drink cold to the end! When you get another drink, simply place the puck back into the freezer and grab one of the four waiting soldiers. (Need a tube cooler? Check out the River Cooter which comes standard with these ice pucks.). Cooling Pucks for Beverage Can with Koozie


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