BAGSMART Breathable Travel 4 Set Packing Cubes


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BAGSMART Breathable Travel 4 Set Packing Cubes. What are Packing Cubes?Luggage packing cubes or travel packing cubes are essentially travel bags that are made out of nylon fabric materials with zipper closure. They make the most efficient use of packing space inside your suitcase and still keep your travel clothes neater. Travel packing cube are flexible, durable but not rigid and are adaptable to travelers vigorous schedule. Luggage packing cubes are usually designed with airline carry on sizes. The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches x 28 inches, including handles and wheels. With about 3 inches in height, you can fit all four of our cubes into any carry-on luggage. When stuffed with travel clothes for both men and women, the cubes can be compressed and allows even more room for travel accessories.How to pack a suitcase?The best way to use packing cubes is to categorize your travel wardrobe by sizes. Most travel accessories for men include shirts, pants an, underwear, socks. Our medium sized cube is a perfect size to keep folded polos neat and protected. You will not find surprise arriving at the hotel that they are transformed in a ball and buried; large ones are good size for 3 to 4 pairs of pants; small packing cube can fit 5-6 golf shirts.You can even pack a pair of shoes using our small cube, all it needs is just an additional bag to keep the shoe away from the clothes. If you carry laptop and other electronics, you can even use the small cube as a cable management solution.BEST TRAVEL PACKING CUBES:- Made of light weight and strong nylon- Compact expands to surprisingly big larger size- Double and smooth zippers securely locks the contents – Allows clothes to stay folded and neat when packed in drawers or suitcase- Stores the underwear and socks neatly and tidy- Mesh is good for allowing the clothes to ‘breathe’ a little, easy identification of contents and ventilation. BAGSMART Breathable Travel 4 Set Packing Cubes


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